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Cheat Engine Reset Settings

1) Download Cheat Engine (click on 'Download Cheat Engine'). Don't worry, there's no viruses, but for example Windows operating system will detect it as a virus (it's a game hacking program after all), so you have to allow it on your system. + If you want, you can download program from GitHub -engine/cheat-engine/releases/tag/7.1 (scroll to the end and click on 'CheatEngine71.exe').

Cheat Engine Reset Settings

Question is: why can cheat engine scan memory so fast? According to the memory usage of cheat engine it does not read whole one memory region at one time(which often reduces calls to ReadProcessMemory()).

If you are using an antivirus app, make sure that it ignores your wallpaper_engine installation directory before you proceed with the steps outlined on this page. Check your antivirus settings for a way to exclude folders entirely.


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