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[S1E7] She's A Fighter

Like many of the women on Filthy Rich, she's battling identity issues and struggling with how to center herself. She let go for the first time in ages or ever when she initiated that kiss with Ginger, and the floodgates opened.

[S1E7] She's a Fighter

My judgments of Becky aside, she's a rather tragic character in that sense. She's well into a pregnancy within, a marriage that she didn't get anything out of now, and Becky's just now discovering herself and what she wants.

Life would've been so different if Margaret could follow a path she forged and her heart instead of succumbing to expectations. I'm glad she's starting to see how she imposes the same things on her children and those around her.

Chloe's friends and fans are thrilled that she was cast as the lead in the video. She has worked hard and has been a dedicated dancer for years, so it's great to see that she's finally getting the recognition she deserves. Everyone is proud of her and excited to see the final product.

Series co-creator Ryan Murphy has admitted his obsession with the character of Marcy, the realtor, played by Christine Estabrook, who was more prominent in "Open House". He stated, "I love her! I love her! Every episode we're like 'We're killing Marcy this episode. This is the episode.' And then we get to writing her and she's too hilarious to kill. I think she's been a great source of levity and I think she's a terrible person. She's a racist and a homophobe and the worst realtor in the world. She's that incompetent bumbler. I like to imitate her in the writer's room."[1]

As Sakai excitedly leaves the station aboard her ship heading for Sigma 957, G'Kar opens a channel in his quarters to the Narn military headquarters, requesting some Frazi class heavy fighters (well armed) be sent to Sigma 957 immediately.

At Sigma 957, Sakai begins to scan the planet. Just as she mocks the warnings she's heard about the place, a strange disturbance near the planet begins to develop. Soon, a strange, huge alien ship appears for a few minutes and then disappears. Its presence overwhelmed the engines of Catherine's ship, trapping it in the planet's gravity well.

Catherine struggles to find a solution to her predicament (falling towards the planet) but her ship has almost no power left. Fortunately, a pair of Narn fighters soon come into orbit. One of them answers, introducing himself as Sh'Drog and explaining they were dispatched by Ambassador G'Kar to assist her. They relate they will pull her out of her decaying orbit and escort her back to Babylon 5.

Back at the hideout, Oliver is adamant that Helena must have a good reason for targeting her family. John isn't interested in her reasons, just that she's a killer, who will start a mob war if she isn't stopped. Oliver insists he knows what he's doing, but John doesn't believe him.

Oliver sneaks into Helena's apartment. She's figured out that he's the Hood after seeing his fighting style. He tells her that what she's doing is revenge rather than justice. She thinks they're the same. He disagrees, but they both feel relieved to finally be able to open up to somebody. Oliver and Helena share a long, deep kiss.

Their next destination turns out to be "the most beautiful thing I've ever seen" -- a neon-drenched arcade. Through some miracle, many of the booths still work and they hop on iconic 1993 fighter Mortal Kombat 2 (a poster for this game is also visible over Ellie's bed, hinting at her fascination). HBO parent company Warner Bros. Discovery also owns the Mortal Kombat franchise, synergy FTW.

Jumping back to 2023, Ellie maintains the spirit of refusing to give up hope -- she's determined to treat Joel's wounds rather than abandon him. She finds a needle and thread, so she goes to work on stitching him up.

Marjan Marwani is a character on FOX's 9-1-1: Lone Star who is a firefighter in the newly rebuilt Station 126 located in Austin, Texas. She debuts in the first episode of the first season and is portrayed by starring cast member Natacha Karam.

She's close to everyone in the 126 but especially Paul and Mateo. She's always excited to be the one to do dangerous rescues like after the tornado in "Act of God", where she's the one who saves a woman stuck in her car, in the air, between two buildings, feeling a little annoyed when none of that was caught on camera. Same thing happen in "2100", when she's excited as she "gets to" rappel into a hole full of steam created by a volcano to save a man.

During "Texas Proud", Marjan fell into the silo and when she gets out of it, she lost her hijab and someone filmed the situation before the team can form a wall to stop anyone else from seeing her. Later, when she's at her mosque, one of the woman tells her that some of them here are concerned about her lack of modesty and that, since Marjan is new to town and still haven't put down roots, she should consider finding another mosque. Marjan talks to Paul about what happened at the mosque and he tells her that she shouldn't let them shame her for being proud and stride in there with her hijab held up high.

When she meets up with her derby roller team, her captain tells her that she got from the Houston Invitational who now wants to uninvite them because of Marjan being cancelled online. The girls tell Marjan that they're supporting her anyway but Marjan tells them that she doesn't want to ruin their fun and take herself off the team. While she's having lunch with Paul, Marjan questions the fact that maybe McKenna was right and Marjan is only a firefighter for the spotlight, Paul asks her that what if she could save Brady but she had to die in case to do that, would she do it? Marjan instantly answers yes and Paul tells her that this is who she is, whether a camera is present or not. Marjan decides to go to McKenna's house to explain and apologize to her, despite Paul's objections, though he later arrives after changing his mind. The pair discovers a post that looks like a suicide letter online and brute force their way in, finding McKenna unconscious in her bath with her wrists open. They manage to stop the bleeding on time for the paramedics to come, and Marjan advises the paramedic - one of her instagram followers - not to publicize the incident.

Once she's in jail, Marjan is bailed out by Billy Tyson. She tells him that he should put her back into jail and starts walking away to live the police station. Billy tells her that he could've fired or suspended her but didn't, she tells him that if he did fire her, her story would've gotten more traction. Billy continues by saying that he needs her help, building up the department instead of tearing it down. She asks him why would she help him when he closed down their firehouse and railroad Owen too. Billy is confused about that and Marjan tells him that Owen satisfy every term of his suspension: community services, anger management,... but it wasn't enough for the department. Billy tells her that Owen might not have been totally honest with her and that this isn't the reason why Owen is gone. Billy decides to Airdrop Marjan Owen's contract of employment so she can learns the truth and before Marjan leaves, Billy asks her to tell Judd to call him back because since Judd was dodging Billy's calls. She replies that maybe he should take a hint.

At the 129, Paul notices Marjan coming in and looking angry. He warns Judd about it before she gets to them. Judd apologizes for not taking her call in the morning and that she was most likely there when the demolition ball swung, Marjan replies that there was no ball swinging and that the 126 is still standing for the time being. Marjan says that everyone gave up when Owen ditched them and Paul replies that he didn't, as the department just wouldn't reinstate him. Marjan tells him that this isn't actually true and that he could've been reinstated the next day but he chose not to. Marjan shows them the apology letter that Billy sends her and that all Owen had to do was sign it and he didn't. Judd tells her that he wouldn't apologize to that snake - Billy - either. Marjan says that if he had just sucked up his pride, he could've been helping them fight for the 126. Paul tells her that that fight has been over months and Marjan replies that it's only over because Owen walked away and when they lost their leader, they lost each other. Marjan turns away and starts leaving, both men ask her what she's doing and she tells them that she's going to get him back and to tell Captain Andrews, she's taking a snow day after Judd reminds her she has a shift.

Marjan gets to the Hill Country and enters Owen's cabin when he opens the door, taking time to hug Buttercup when she's inside. Owen asks her if something happened and she tells him that nothing happened and that's why she's here. Marjan reminds him that it's demolition day, he tells her that he apparently missed the livestream and she replies that he did but that the ice storm has stopped the demolition process and that the building is still standing. Owen is confused about what she's getting at and Marjan tells him that the universe intervened, it gave them a stay of execution, that it's speaking to them and that they need to listen. Owen tells her that the universe doesn't speak. Owen tells her that the cold will go away and the firehouse will be destroyed and that she has to accept they've done everything they could. Marjan asks him if they really did everything they could before showing him the apology letter he was supposed to sign. Marjan tells him that he could've sign it months ago and be reinstated and asks him why he didn't. Owen replies that because it'd be a lie since he's not sorry he punched Billy. Marjan tells him that none of them are sorry it happened but that he let pride get in the way of what matters the most: putting their house back together. Owen tells her that even if he signs that letter, it won't bring back the 126 together, since the 126 is buried, regardless what Owen does. Marjan tells him that they've brought people back from the dead, how can he just give up like that. Owen answers that he can because he's tired of playing the hero since it only gives him haters, like Billy who just want to take him down, any way they can. Owen tells her that he learned his lesson and that he didn't give up, he's given in to reality and that's something Marjan should consider because they can't save the world since the world doesn't want to be saved. So instead of fighting it, he's going to try to enjoy it for the first time. Marjan accepts it reluctantly and starts leaving, refusing Owen's offer to stay until the storm passes. She puts the apology letter on his table and leaves his cabin. 041b061a72


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