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Where Can I Buy Slipcovers

I love slipcovers. They look great but are flexible and easy to clean. I remember when I ordered my first slipcover I had no idea what to do. Today I am sharing everything you need to know about buying a slipcover.

where can i buy slipcovers

Using a local upholsterer is by far the best option although it might be the most expensive. I have a wonderful guy that has made a lot of slipcovers for me. If you live in the Los Angeles area then please feel free to reach out to him. His name is Jose Medina and his number is 626-806-9825. Just e sure and tell him that Leslie from South Pasadena referred you!

You can find local upholsterers near you by searching on google. You might want to start with Yelp and use their suggestion of the highest-ranked upholsterers in your area. Just be sure to ask if they make slipcovers and ask them to show photos of their work.

If you saw my post titled Classic Slipcovers or Furniture Upholstery? then you know I showed a photo to my upholsterer of a slipcover one of my blogging friends had in her home. I wanted a pleat like hers and my upholsterer was able to match the style perfectly. Feel free to share any photos of my slipcovers if you like them!

If you happen to own an IKEA couch then you certainly can buy a slipcover directly from IKEA. But the fabric choices are very limited and they do discontinue their brands fairly often. They recently discontinued the Ektorp brand and some of us own two EKTORP sectionals and one sofa sleeper and I will need slipcovers!

This is by far the least expensive option for a slipcover. Many of the non-custom slipcovers are either loose-fitting or stretch fabric. You can find these slipcovers online and I have listed a few below in the links to Amazon.

If you want an IKEA or Pottery Barn slipcover right away, you can buy them from the retailer or on Amazon. For an IKEA sofa or chair, you can order them from Amazon here. Most are under $300 and ship within the week! For a Pottery Barn Sofa or chair, you can order them here. The slipcovers for the Pottery Barn PB Sofas and sectionals are way cheaper on Amazon than ordering them directly from Pottery Barn. I am sure the fabrics are different but you might find something you like.

The weight of the fabric is what you need to pay the most attention to. The minimum weight of canvas (duck) or denim fabric should be 10oz. Fabric weighted 10oz would be used for a slipcover that gets moderate use and is washed 2-3 times per year. Fabric weighted 12-14oz is ideal for slipcovers that will get everyday use and can be washed up to four to six times per year. I use 12-14oz weight fabric for my slipcovers.

Below are links to slipcovers available for the EKTORP 3 cushion sofa, 2 cushion sofa bed, 2+2 sectional sofa, loveseat, and chair. Be sure to read the product description carefully and measure to make sure you have the correct EKTORP slipcover.

I was stunned to read IKEA has discontinued the Ektrop line. Thanks for sharing that news and links with Amazon for slipcovers. We have that line and so do 2 of my kids. Your post was helpful too with detailed info about slipcovers.

Instead of getting expensive furniture, buy the sofa slipcovers or arm chair covers and bring freshness into your house in one move. For those who are tired of their current interior color scheme, living room furniture covers will come in handy too.

Mamma Mia furniture protector covers combine 40 years of traditional Italian craftsmanship and high-quality materials. Attention to every detail and one-of-a-kind features make our slipcovers a popular choice among US households.

Quality slipcovers can protect your chairs from that because they are easy to clean: you just take them off and machine wash! Also, colorful stretch slipcovers make your dining room look more festive for get-togethers and family holidays.

The recliner ensures the most comfortable seating while the furniture slipcover ensures many years of the recliner's use. The furniture fabric wears out and fades with time, but covers prevent such a fate. Premium Italian quality makes our slipcovers long-lasting and durable. Each slipcover comes with a set of folding anti-slip cardboards that keep them securely in place on your furniture.

Any upholstery looks better with pillows on it. Also, pillows make the interior feel cozy and homey. Mamma Mia pillow slipcovers come in various collections: Velvet, Microfibra, Mille Righe, and Jacquard 3D. The variety of design options allows you to put together your own color set that will be unique for your lounge and fit the overall color scheme of your interior just right.

Measure your furniture in the way shown in our catalog and then refer to the corresponding size guide to identify which size option would work for your upholstery. Please, don't skip measurements because each slipcover has its own fitting range within which it can fit certain furniture sizes. Even though our slipcovers are stretchy, they still have their own size limitations.

A waterproof sofa slipcover may seem unnecessary, but take a moment to think about where most of your living room spills happen. The sofa, right? It comes in six colors and a whopping 21 sizes, so you're bound to find something that suits your sofa and style. Plus, it's easy to apply: Just drape it across the seat, back, and arms, et voila.

My favorite place to buy slipcovers has to be Linda Kale (known as Linda Lee on eBay). This store has slipcovers for not only Pottery Barn, but also Ikea. The quality of the fabric is outstanding and the craftsman ship is amazing.

No-Tie design offers great fit, even if your sofa is in between sizes. Unlike other furniture slipcover brands that use predetermined position front ties, all our ready-made slipcovers are made with patented Easy Fit Clip-On fasteners for a better fit!

Replacement Slipcover is your source for high quality replacement slipcovers carefully patterned to fit many styles of furniture originally produced or sold by leading retailers and manufacturers such as Mitchell Gold, Rowe, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Restoration Hardware and many others. Our slipcover pattern library includes designs for the popular Pottery Barn Basic Slipcover and Pottery Barn Square Slipcover series, the Rowe Carmel and Nantucket Slipcover series, the Mitchell Gold Kathleen Slipcover pieces as well as the Crate & Barrel Oasis Slipcover and Bayside Slipcover groups, just to name a few.

Slipcovered furniture is the heart of Rachel Ashwell style. Slipcovers can be made to look sleek or frilly, fancy or plain depending on the fabric and whether it has detailing such as ruffles or welts. There is a myriad of fabrics, detail choices, and ease of care which are all factors when choosing slipcovered furniture. All of our slipcovers are handmade in Los Angeles, CA.

Each slipcover is custom fit to each frame style. The fitting of a slipcover is crucial depending on the body of furniture. When slipcovering a piece of furniture, the piece is measured first. Then like a haute couture gown, the fabric is custom cut to size. All seams are over locked, skirts lined and then sewn into a slipcover. (Seams are overlocked to prevent fraying when the piece is machine washed) A cotton cord is used inside the welt. Attached to the deck of the slip is a Rachel Ashwell label to help set the slip in the place when putting it back on the frame. All Rachel Ashwell slipcovers feature a zipper closure for a more tailored fit and ensure easy care and removal. Slipcovers are pre-shrunk; they are machine washable and can be tumble dried.

In NY and LA, we work with contracted slip makers who offer housecalls for custom slipcovers and upholstery for non-Rachel Ashwell made furniture and Rachel Ashwell frames built prior to 2010.Travel fees apply and pricing varies. To inquire, please contact providing photos of your piece and your home address for housecall pricing.

All Rachel Ashwell slipcovers are pre-washed, however slight shrinkage may still occur. Slipcovers and fabrics should be laundered in cold water and tumble dried on low when caring for them. Our slipcovers are constructed with zippers for a more tailored fit and easy removal/application, and are designed for home machine washing and drying. We recommend closing all zippers on the slipcovers before washing. We do not recommend dry cleaning or bleach. Dry cleaning is a chemical process which causes the fabric to weaken and disintegrate. Dry cleaning can also fade the colors in a fabric more quickly than machine washing. Rachel Ashwell is not responsible for stains, shrinkage, or mistreatment/care of slipcovers.

Slipcovers for frames built 2010 or later may be purchased through one of our associates. Please contact for assistance. After 34 years, our subcontractor who has made our slipcovers from patterns for frames made between 1989 through 2009 is no longer in business. For Los Angeles and New York residents who own pieces made prior to 2010, we are able to make slipcovers by way of housecall only, where our vendor travels to the home to cut and measure directly on frames. If you reside outside of these regions and you are able to find a local slipcover professional in your area, we are happy to work with you on a fabric by the yard order if you wish.

We are able to replace slipcovers for non-Rachel Ashwell frames by way of housecall only, for residents in the Los Angeles and New York areas. For other residents outside of these areas, we recommend inquiring locally with a professional who offers slipcover/upholstery services. We are happy to work with you on your fabric by the yard order if you wish to purchase Rachel Ashwell fabrics.

Customizing slipcovers is always available to our customers. From a contrasting welt to using multiple fabrics, we can work with you on your request. In customizing anything, it is crucial that you discuss exact details with one of our associates. Please contact us for customization inquiries by emailing 041b061a72


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