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[S6E1] London, Part 1

The second part of the episode was nominated for three Creative Arts Emmy Awards, winning two: Outstanding Individual Achievement in Costume Design for a Series, and Outstanding Individual Achievement in Hairstyling for a Series.[1][2]

[S6E1] London, Part 1

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Writing for The Deseret News, television editor Scott D. Pierce found the first part of the story "fresh and intriguing".[4] Wired asked readers to select which episodes of the series were their favorites, and "Time's Arrow" was highlighted in their resultant article.[5]

In 2016, the "Time's Arrow" two-part episode was ranked by SyFy Wire as the 9th best Star Trek franchise episode involving time travel.[7] Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) was ranked as one of the top seven time travelers of the franchise by Nerdist in 2019.[8] They note that when he is taken to the future, he is glad there is no poverty, war, or prejudices.[8]

In 2020, SyFy Wire noted in this episode the relationship between Picard and Data, in particular showing that Picard is reluctant to risk what they call his "robot bestie".[11] They point out the episode begins with the shocking discovery of Data's head on Earth, which causes a certain concern among the crew that Data will die on ancient Earth somehow, leaving his severed head to be discovered in the 24th century.[11]

"Times Arrow, Part I" was released in the United States on November 5, 2002, as part of the season five DVD box set.[15] The Blu-ray release for Part I in the United States on November 18, 2013,[16] followed by the United Kingdom the next day, November 19, 2013.[17]

Peaky Blinders has some brilliant cinematography too and that much is especially apparent here, with a return of the fantastic set design, production and costuming departments who deserve some recognition for their great work.

It brought into perspective a fiendish plot to kill the Doctor and its ultimate outcome, leading his companions to believe he was going to die in the far future. This story is perhaps most notable as the first opening two-parter of the BBC Wales series. Behind the scenes, it was notable for the significant amount of location filming with cast and crew travelling to Utah in the United States of America.

The Doctor is next seen taking part in a break-out from a POW camp during World War II. When the Doctor is asked by a fellow escapee if they have gotten past the fence, the Doctor pops his head down a duct. He asks if the Commandant's room is green with a big flag on the wall as dogs and angry yells are heard. The Doctor figures the answer's "yes", as he's pulled back out by the Germans.

In the middle of the Utah desert, Amy and Rory depart a bus; Rory complains that there is nothing around them. As the bus leaves, they are happily greeted by the Doctor, now wearing a Stetson and sitting on the bonnet of a car. After exchanging greetings, Rory compliments the Doctor's hat. Just as the Doctor explains that it's the latest in his "cool" ensemble, his hat is shot off by River, who promptly greets him.

The Doctor sits in Nixon's seat and addresses him, prompting the Secret Service to point their guns at him. He goes on to say that the mysterious caller told him everything he needed to know; they can find the child. The Doctor says he will take the case. He then taunts the Secret Service by bragging about how he broke into the Oval Office. River comes out of the TARDIS, reminding him they're Americans, prompting the Doctor to tell them not to shoot. Amy and Rory depart the TARDIS as well. When Nixon questions who they are, the Doctor claims to be an undercover agent on loan from Scotland Yard while his companions Amy, Rory and River are his top operatives: the Legs, the Nose, and Mrs Robinson. Upon hearing her codename, River tells the Doctor she hates him; the Doctor once again tells her that she doesn't.

While Joe Menosky, who had been a co-producer on the show in the fifth season, did provide the story outline, he left the staff of TNG between seasons to live in Europe. He would continue to freelance for TNG (his writing credit will show up five more times), as well as Deep Space Nine and Voyager, for the next few years, eventually returning to the states and joining the staff of Voyager in its third season, rising to the level of co-executive producer of that show before departing after its sixth season.

Did you know?In this episode, Charles drives from Walnut Grove to Mankato and back on the same day, two days in a row. This would seem impossible since, in reality, the two towns are 74 miles apart. Also, in at least one earlier episode, Charles states that the round trip to Mankato takes about three days.

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