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Y's Buys Thrift

I have become addicted to shopping this unique thrift shop. I always find something I love. I like their name brand shoes like Dansko and Keen, etc.All clothing is of good quality. They have... Read more

y's buys thrift

When you're on a budget, thrifting presents a great opportunity to save and engage in activities you may not otherwise be able to afford. Keep an eye out for gently worn designer clothing as well as quality furniture or equipment. If there's a hobby you've...Read more about The Thrills of Thrifting

Whether you call it a consignment shop or a thrift store, you can't beat some of the good deals. But it's not a bargain if it's something you don't need. It's important to come up with a plan before...Read more about Quick Tips for Buying Secondhand

If you haven't shopped at your local thrift store recently, then you're likely missing out. These stores are now packed full of incredible finds that can make searching through endless shelves and racks feel like a...Read more about Benefits of Shopping at a Thrift Store

Throughout Bellingham, quirky shops are tucked away offering hidden treasures to lucky shoppers. These places are filled with inexpensive fashion finds from classic to bohemian, chic home décor, an abundance of shoes, jewelry pieces and everything in between. Grab a coffee and then set out to our local vintage and thrift shops to find your new favorite treasure.

You'll find mostly vintage clothing at this thrift shop in downtown Bellingham. They get new items daily, so make sure to keep returning! This is your thrift shop destination for things like Carhartt jackets, funky sweaters, nostalgic graphic tees, and more.

Filled with stylish clothes for women, proceeds from this thrift store go to the YWCA Bellingham, which is dedicated to "eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all."

Bellingham's Value Village is an enormous store filled with rows and rows of unrivaled deals on everything from family clothing to great finds for your home. Unlike many other vintage and thrift stores in town, Value Village offers much more than just clothes. It also contains an entire back room filled with larger items like furniture and sports equipment. Whether you're looking for books, games, clothes, home goods, or shoes, you can find it here.

Jade Weston, a fourth-year student at Western Washington University, makes her living by repairing clothes and selling items she thrifted, both at markets and online. Weston has organized an estimated seven of these markets in Bellingham, initially hosting the market in her own front yard.

Events similar to Weston's markets can offer a boost to local thrift stores as well. According to Romaker, the traffic brought into town by these events leads to more people coming into the store looking for more thrifting opportunities. Especially when it comes to thrifting, any leftover inventory can either be used again at another market or donated to other community programs.

Wise Buys, a downtown Bellingham thrift store operated by volunteers from Lydia Place, remains closed after sustaining water damage on Saturday, Dec. 15, as emergency crews responded to a fire in a nearby apartment.

With growing concern on the effects of fast fashion on the environment, people are embracing the concept of online thrift stores. Recently, reality TV stars the Kardashians also entered the reselling apparel industry with their online store Kardashian Klosets, reselling outfits they have worn on the show. The new entrants are now part of an industry that is expected to reach $28 billion in sales, according to retail analytics firm GlobalData.

Thrift stores were first started as non-profits, but now they are becoming a part of normal fabric of clothes retail as slow fashion is gaining momentum, especially among the environmentally conscious. HerStory spoke to women running thrift stores online to understand how they are changing the negative connotations about thrifting.

The 23-year-old Young India fellow stumbled on the idea of a thrift store while looking for alternative career options. She wanted to do something on her own and her love for upcycling unique clothes led her on this path.

Seeing the opportunity to make a few quick bucks, Rachel, 23, continued to post more. She buys most of her wardrobe either online or on thrift stores and other items that people might wish to buy. Her friends and family also contribute to her inventory. She posts them on her account, asks customers to pay in advance using online payment methods, and ships them off to a new home.

You'll find the Wellwishes thrift store opposite the Martial Arts Centre, shortly after Ellie discovers Tommy's dead horse. The Safe is in an office at the rear of the store, directly opposite a pinboard. You'll find an Artefact (See Also: The Last of Us 2: All Artefacts Locations) named Thrift Store Reminder attached to the pinboard which includes a clue for the Safe Code Combination.

Your clue is the last six digits of Staci's phone number, and you can find this in the toilet directly opposite the entrance to the Wellwishes thrift store. Written on the wall is a message about Staci, which includes her full phone number. The final six digits, and the solution to to the puzzle, is 550133. Input it to open the Thrift Store Safe.

Peggy Shivers, a 70-year-old retiree in Colorado Springs, also embodies many of the economic precepts of her generation. She has always practiced thrift, never throws away food and carefully manages her fixed income. 041b061a72


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