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Jumbo Full Hd 1080p Movie Free Download

Jumbo Full HD 1080p Movie Review

Jumbo is a 2008 animated movie that features the voices of Akshay Kumar, Lara Dutta, Rajpal Yadav, Dimple Kapadia and Gulshan Grover. The movie is based on the Thai animation Khan Kluay and tells the story of a young elephant who goes on a quest to find his father and becomes a war hero. The movie was released in India on December 25, 2008 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. The movie is available to watch online on [Prime Video] and [YouTube].


Plot Summary

Jumbo is a baby elephant who lives in the jungle with his mother. He is curious about his father, who he has never met. He is told by his mother that his father was a brave and loyal war elephant who served the king of India. Jumbo dreams of following his father's footsteps and becoming the royal elephant. One day, he decides to leave the jungle and go in search of his father.

On his journey, he meets a kindly elephant trainer named Ram Singh, who teaches him how to fight and protect himself. He also meets a hyperactive messenger bird named Dildar and a female elephant named Sonia, who becomes his love interest. Jumbo learns that his father was captured by the enemies of India and is being held prisoner in a fort. He decides to rescue his father and join the Indian army.

Jumbo proves himself to be a brave and smart elephant who helps the Indian army win many battles against the invaders. He also faces many dangers and challenges from the enemy commander Bakhtavar, who wants to kill him and take his tusks. Jumbo eventually reaches the fort where his father is held and confronts Bakhtavar in a final showdown. He manages to free his father and reunite with him. He also wins the heart of Sonia and becomes the royal elephant of India.


Jumbo is a movie that tries to appeal to both children and adults with its mix of comedy, action, romance and drama. The movie has some positive messages about courage, loyalty, family and friendship. The animation quality is decent for its time and budget, but not very impressive by today's standards. The voice acting is good, especially by Akshay Kumar, who lends his charm and humor to the character of Jumbo. The songs are catchy and upbeat, but not very memorable.

The movie also has some flaws that make it less enjoyable. The story is predictable and cliched, with many scenes borrowed from other movies like The Lion King, Tarzan and Aladdin. The characters are not very well-developed or relatable, except for Jumbo. The humor is often childish and crude, relying on fart jokes and slapstick comedy. The action scenes are repetitive and unrealistic, with elephants performing stunts that defy physics and logic. The movie also lacks emotional depth and impact, as the audience does not feel much for the characters or their struggles.


Jumbo is a movie that can be watched for some light-hearted entertainment and fun, but not for expecting anything original or profound. It is a movie that may appeal more to children than adults, as they may find the colorful animation, cute animals and silly jokes more appealing. It is not a movie that will stay with you for long or make you think deeply about anything. It is a movie that you can watch once and forget about it.


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