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Autorennbahnplaner Full Version.zipgolkes

Autorennbahnplaner Full Version.zipgolkes

Autorennbahnplaner is a software that allows you to design and plan your own Carrera slot car tracks. It supports all the current Carrera track systems, including Digital 124, Digital 132, Evolution, Exclusiv, GO!!!, Digital 143, and Universal 132. You can choose from a variety of track components, such as straights, curves, high banked curves, digital switches, pit lanes, and more. You can also add trackside buildings, scenery, and accessories to make your layout more realistic and attractive.

The software is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. You can drag and drop track pieces from the menu to the track area and adjust them as you like. You can also use the Complete Track button to automatically fill in the gaps between your track pieces. The software will calculate the length and cost of your track and show you a 2D or 3D view of your layout. You can also export your track design to various formats, such as PDF, JPG, PNG, or DXF.


Autorennbahnplaner is compatible with the 3D Viewer from and the partner of Smart Race. The 3D Viewer allows you to view your track design in a realistic 3D environment and even drive on it with a virtual car. Smart Race is a wireless and flexible timing system that works with Carrera Digital tracks. You can connect your smartphone or tablet to your track and control your race with Smart Race.

If you want to try Autorennbahnplaner for yourself, you can download the free demo version from their website. The demo version limits the number of track pieces to 20, but you can still use all the other features of the software. If you want to unlock the full potential of Autorennbahnplaner, you can purchase the full version for only 24,95 . The full version has no limitations on the number of track pieces or the size of your layout. You can also access all the latest updates and new track components that are added regularly.

Autorennbahnplaner is the ultimate Carrera track planner for slot car enthusiasts. Whether you want to create a simple oval or a complex circuit with multiple lanes and features, Autorennbahnplaner will help you achieve your dream layout. Download it today and start planning your own Carrera slot car tracks!


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