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On August 15th, 2022, the @StreamerBans Twitter[5] account reported that Shylily's account was banned, gaining over 1,600 likes in under a day. That day, Shylily (@shylilytwitch) retweeted[6] the post, writing, "Pardon?," garnering over 14,000 likes in the same rough span of time. She then commented on the post, "My Tits too big," joking that that's the reason for the ban, garnering over 9,000 likes in less than a day. One user asked the reason and she commented, "They never give a reason, you are always left guessing. It's a smart way on their end to make decisions based on individuals instead of enforcing their ToS properly & fair on everyone." Some users began sharing the hashtag "#freelily" to demand Shylily's unbanning.


Later that day, @shylilytwitch tweeted[7] a video clip of the purported reason she was banned. In the clip, Shylily is standing in a 3D park environment. She picks up a pear, says, "hey kid, wanna see a magic trick?" then puts the pear up her skirt and groans, pulling her hand out of her skirt without a pear (shown below). The tweet gained over 37,900 likes in a day. It is unconfirmed by Twitch if this is the reason she was banned. 041b061a72


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