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Big Data: How The Information Revolution Is Tra...

Farming is inherently close to the ground. Yet even with the industrial revolution, a huge leap forward happened, from walking entire fields on foot with livestock, to driving them in large part with tractors. The latest leap forward is happening now. While you still need to get out in the field, flying over crops with a drone and a good multispectral UAV sensor produces maps rich with data in the form of spectral information that saves immeasurable amounts of time (to scout every plant on foot* or with a tractor) and resources (water leaks, or misapplied pesticides and fertilizer).

Big Data: How the Information Revolution Is Tra...

Blockchain is the core technology used to create the cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin. As part of the fourth industrial revolution since the invention of steam engine, electricity, and information technology, blockchain technology has been applied in many areas such as finance, judiciary, and commerce. The current paper focused on its potential educational applications and explored how blockchain technology can be used to solve some education problems. This article first introduced the features and advantages of blockchain technology following by exploring some of the current blockchain applications for education. Some innovative applications of using blockchain technology were proposed, and the benefits and challenges of using blockchain technology for education were also discussed. 041b061a72


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