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Immersive Sleep V1.2.1 |BEST|

so what does this Addon exactly do apart from beeing compatible with Modern UI and such? Are there any benefits, or what are the prime reasons here for updating to your version? It would be super nice of you, if ya could share some info on this one. =) No offence, Im just interested because ,, Immersive Sleep ,, in it selft causes at least for me personally huge problems in combination with ,, Food, drug and drinks animations ,,. After trying to go to sleep and prompted with the ,, Im not tired enough to sleep ,, Info, using the packpack via ,, I ,, causes my whole UI ( which stayed vanilla ) to dissapear and in the next step crashes the entire game. I tried to talk about this specific anomaly ( no pun intended ) with the Modcreator but only got very asozial & toxic responses. So, help me please out with this one, if you should have the time of course. =))

Immersive Sleep v1.2.1

Hello, GrEg_StAr_3000. In short, my patch allows you to use immersive sleep and modern ui together, that is, before without this addon there was a choice either you use the interface or you have the opportunity to immersive sleep. After digging in the config I was able to solve the problem, namely the problem was that if there were installed 2 addons the game crashed after the character sleep, which put me personally at a standstill. In general, I hope I was able to help you, if you have any questions, please contact me and sorry for the long absence

NOTE: This requires further testing.Overall I believe the combination of mods listed below will make the experience more immersive. Now you will think twice about taking those caffeine tablets or energy drinks, in order to have enough stamina to drag all your loot out of the zone. And carrying a sleeping bag and bedspread could be crucial to ensure proper recovery for the next day of stalking. Risk vs reward :)Standard for anomaly:

Hey mate, I cant get the addon to work. . . Once tried to go to bed and prompted with the ,, not tired enough to sleep ,, info it causes a bug for me, where I can no longer interact with any item. Adding on to that In combination with the "Food, drug and drinks animations - addon, the game comes to a complete halt, where after opened my backpack the whole inventory screen dissapears. . .

Hey, like the idea, but I don't think it will change much with default up_sleep and sleep_chk configs.Actor can still run around with backpack full of crap for 15 hours, then sleep for 3 hours and be totally fine ;]I know it's a game, but this particular thing is breaking immersion imo.

I might have found an oversight. If you sleep just enough to get rid of the first level of tiredness and you wake up early, you cant go back to sleep, but you will be sleepy again in a few hours. It might be intended but just feels weird that you slept enough not to be able to sleep anymore and then get tired 3 hours later. I modified minimum sleep threshold from 5000 to 3000 "sleepiness points" and it feels a lot better now.

It would be great if there would be a new update to the addon, that:Increases Sleep Recovery per hour from 510 to 520 (w/o sleeping in sleeping bag)Reduces need for sleep from 5000 to 3000.

I think with Immersive Campfire Saving the up_sleep increasing only once per blackout and doesn't count all the time that has been passed after save.It's more of an Immersive Campfire Saving issue honestly, just thought you should know ;pEdit: Seems like sleep/thirst scripts are based on time that actually passed and do not like time that has been changed ;[

Hey, for some reason every time I open my inventory I crash with this mod, Thought it might have been a sleeping bag in my inventory, but to no avail, still didn't work without sleeping bag. Any suggestions?

Maybe not. I took some Sleeping Pills. My Sleeping Pills give eat_sleepiness = 2.668, which has a 1,000 multiplier in the actor_status_sleep.script, so that increased my sleepiness by 2,668. If my sleep was actually maxed out AS IT SHOULD BE, I should not be in sleepy status.

- Arszi's Radiation- Food Drug Drink animations- A patch for both of these + immersive sleep.(This patch is nothing more the ui_sleep_dialog.script with the radiation limit removed, and it's at the end of my load order)

At the end of the day, I'm not getting my full sleep recovery and I've isolated every reason on my end why that could be. Maybe this is by design, but it begs the question why the "maximum wakefulness" would be hard-limited to around the 2000 unit mark. Why isn't it designed with 0 being the maximum wakefulness, and then scale the sleepiness increment from there?

The maximum the sleep bar can reach is 4/6 after that I am not able to sleep anymore so my sleep status never gets full. On top of that it seems pretty weird that I have to sleep for 16hours with 1/6 bars to get to 4/6 and be into the grey indicator pretty quick again.

Sleep simulator. Can't go 6 hours without sleeping, even after 10 hours of sleep with a sleeping bag and a bedroll. The game revolves around sleeping now and makes the game rushed to accomplish things before the dreaded yawn-yawn-yawn-yawn-loses vision.

With the use of Hunger Thirst Sleep UI I can see how tired I am and when I sleep I wake up early but the my sleep meter is never filled. I can go to sleep again and again but I get max. 70% of my sleep meter filled.

The AOC CU34G2X is a great ultrawide gaming monitor. It has a 144Hz panel with native FreeSync variable refresh rate (VRR) support and G-SYNC compatibility to reduce screen tearing. It has low input lag, and although it has a quick overall response time, there's visible black smearing, which is typical of VA panels. Speaking of which, it has a high native contrast ratio, but that means it has narrow viewing angles, so it's not ideal for co-op gaming. The 34 inch screen and 3440x1440 resolution help deliver an immersive gaming experience, and it has a fairly aggressive 1500R curve to bring the edges of the screen within your field of vision.

The AOC CU34G2X is good for watching multimedia content. The large screen provides an immersive viewing experience, and the 21:9 aspect ratio is good for watching movies. It has a high contrast to deliver fairly deep blacks, but there's no local dimming feature. It's not the best for sharing your screen with a friend as it has narrow viewing angles.

For the most part, this monitor works well with recent M1 Macbooks. The variable refresh rate feature works well, and windows return to their original position when waking from sleep. Like most monitors, windows don't return properly when closing the lid, though, and HDR is washed out and looks strange.

Just right for your living room, media room, or bespoke home theater, the DRX-3.4 has the power to drive Dolby Atmos and DTS: X through 9 channels of onboard amplification. 8K HDR video passthrough provides the bandwidth needed for cutting-edge visuals and gaming. DIRAC Live room correction ensures your immersive surround experience is delivered with the highest fidelity. 9.2 channel pre-outs make the DRX-3.4 perfect for updating an existing separates system to HDMI 2.1, DIRAC Live, and Object-Based Surround.

When playing any Dolby format, engaging Dolby Atmos Height Virtualizer enables a more immersive listening experience, creating a virtual surround and height effect from traditional speaker layouts without the need for additional surround or height speakers. 041b061a72


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