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Friday The 13th The Game [REPACK]

Friday the 13th: The Game is a survival horror game released on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It was released on May 26th, 2017 for digital stores and the physical copies were released on October 13th, 2017. The game was released on Nintendo Switch on August 13, 2019.

Friday the 13th the game

Friday the 13th: The Game is a semi-open world third-person survival horror game set in the fictional camp of Crystal Lake in the Friday the 13th franchise. The time period in which the game is set is the mid-1980s in order to better capture the feel.

Although the game was originally planned to be multiplayer only, a single-player mode will be added in an update planned for Summer 2017, despite the stretch goal for US$1.625 million to unlock it not being reached. The mode will consist of objective-based missions that will allow the player to take control of Jason against offline camp counselor bots. Some of the missions will be adaptations of the films, while others are original scenarios.

Although Tommy is not technically a counselor, he is a special character in the game. All of Tommy's stats are 10/10 and he is the only one who can kill Jason. To get Tommy on the map, at least two counselors need to either die or escape and you need to use the CB radio to call him. Then one of the Dead/Escaped counselors will be brought back as Tommy Jarvis.

There are 9 different playable Jasons and Roy Burns to choose from. Parts 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 & 9, as well as Roy Burns from Part 5 and Tom Savini's own Jason, created especially for the game. Uber Jason from Jason X has been announced in the Virtual Cabin 2.0 as a future playable character. Jason is able to interchange each weapon. Each Jason has his own strengths and weakness based on events depicted in the Friday the 13th movies:

Pamela Tapes: Tapes of Pamela Voorhees talking with the Crystal Lake Police, including the Police Chief Tom Kelley and Detective Joe Maddery, after Jason's supposed drowning. Malcolm Jarvis, Tommy's father, also appears on one of the tapes as the local doctor trying to calm Pamela down. The Pamela Tapes were written by Tom McLoughlin, who also wrote Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives.

Tommy Tapes: The all-new Tommy Jarvis Tapes are ready to be found throughout Camp Crystal Lake! Discover an entirely new set of tapes that explore the world of Tommy Jarvis and how he deals with the unrelenting force of Jason Voorhees. Written by Adam Green (Creator of Hatchet, Digging Up the Marrow, Frozen) to create a new story focused on one of the few heroes of Friday the 13th!

The Grendel, based on the spaceship from Jason X was confirmed in the secret ending to the Virtual Cabin 2.0 however this was canceled due to a legal dispute which ended content creation for the game.

Parents need to know that Friday the 13th: The Game, is a downloadable multiplayer based action game. Like the similarly named movies it's based on, it's definitely not intended for younger audiences. Rooted deeply in the general mythology and lore of those old slasher flicks, the survival-action game pits one person (who plays as Jason) against seven hopeful survivors (who play as camp counselors). There's very little story or nuance to the action here, as the game hinges and is centered on providing a cat-and-mouse, hunt-or-be-he-hunted dynamic in an online multiplayer game. The game's best aspects come to life largely by virtue of the spirit of collaboration and communication it indirectly encourages, which isn't to be discounted, but is clouded by the extreme amounts of violence and gore seen when characters are killed in grisly ways.

Although FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME is loosely inspired by a number of films in the series, the basic premise remains the same: Teenagers preparing Camp Crystal Lake for re-opening try to survive and escape Jason, who drowned in the lake due to negligence of two staff members long ago. The game never directly tells you any of this, but heavily implies and assumes some level of familiarity with the series and basic plot. Instead, the focus is squarely on getting you into the action as fast as possible either to survive the killer or hunt the counselors round after round after round.

While still plagued with early technical flaws, this violent multiplayer game is a fun, though shallow and very primal experience. It's heavily reminiscent of a playground game of Tag, where the player who is "it" (Jason), has to find the other players. Players who aren't Jason are expected to communicate with one another via voice chat, as forming loose alliances and collaborating on tactics is the only way to assure getting out alive. Each game begins the same way: Seven non-Jason players spot him coming over the horizon and promptly run away. Players split up with a goal of either repairing a car or boat or calling the police. If they're extremely lucky and tactical, they can also try to kill Jason before he successfully stalks and kills all of them. There are only three maps, which can make this repetitious act of survival and escape seem overly familiar and occasionally lacking in suspense, but most of the fun truly comes from frantically escaping tense interactions with Jason that occur at the most inopportune times. It's entertaining, horrifying, and incredibly exciting, and the only way to get out is to work together.

But as an online multiplayer game, it's not without some of the predictable hitches that occur in games like these. Even beyond the occasional server hiccups (on console and PC) are a lot of bugs: controls can be unresponsive, which is hard to forgive in such a strategic and twitchy game. There are also weird glitches like counselors randomly floating high above Jason into the ceilings, and a few other basic issues. It would be stretching it to say these bugs pop up frequently, but like Jason, again, they seem to occur at the absolute worst times. Still, by and large, the game is a tad basic but still able to provide plenty of fun for hours on end -- a lot of it banks on who you're playing with, because otherwise there isn't much variety on offer. But if you can gather together a group of friends that enjoy a scare, it could be worth taking a trip to Crystal Lake.

Families can talk about violence in games. While the game tries to recreate the nature of violent slasher films, is there any way the game could've been made without the same amount of gore? Does the violence have less of an impact because there's no storyline, so you don't have a connection with the characters you're playing?

The only other major piece of planning is that Tommy Jarvis needs to be active in the game. To call on Tommy Jarvis, one counselor needs to use the radio and then at least one player needs to die. At a certain point in the game, a dead player will come back into the match as Tommy Jarvis, who has top tier stats and wields a shotgun. However, Tommy needs a machete in order to do this correctly.

Although Friday the 13th the game is fairly straightforward, this Easter Egg is a fun addition that players have uncovered. Perhaps there are more hidden within the game, or maybe Gun Media will add more after the studio finishes work on the single player campaign.

An owner of every console since Atari, Anthony is willing to try any video game, good or bad, but prefers the ones that involve a deep and involving story. With the Ocarina of Time gladly sitting as his favorite game of all time, Anthony is a sucker for any game that has players wielding a fabled sword, but can still appreciate everything from a solid sports title to a game with a deep multiplayer experience. By eventually combining his love of video games with his skills in film, Anthony hopes to make Game Rant a fun place to explore all facets of pop culture.

All DLC items, including the Savini Designed Jason, are not included with a simple preorder of the game. The Savini skin was an individually marked item that needed to be selected an paid for during the preorder checkout process.

The developers of Friday the 13th: The Game, Gun Media, have revealed in an interview that it is possible to kill Jason, just extremely difficult. Jason has a lot of stamina, health, and the ability to kill another player quickly, so it is a dangerous task. Luckily for Jason, he's tough to kill, because getting to play as Jason is a rare opportunity. To prevent yourself from becoming killed too quickly as Jason, much sure you brush up on Jason's abilities and stats.

Once Jason is on his knees, Tommy needs to approach Jason while holding the machete and press the interact button. A short cutscene will begin where Tommy will hack Jason to pieces! Congratulations, you've just managed to kill Jason in Friday the 13th: The Game.

Sam Chandler is the Australian piece of the AllGamers puzzle. Out of all his gaming-related passions, collecting N64 games, speedrunning, and Souls games rank among the most important. You can reach Sam through Twitter, @SamuelChandler, or through his email,, at any time of the day or night on either side of the globe.

In 2017, Victor Miller, scriptwriter of the original Friday the 13th film, decided the rights were his and set out to reclaim them, triggering an ongoing legal battle with Friday The 13th producer Sean Cunningham.

The court ruled that developer Gun Media had to stop working on Friday the 13th and could not release any content that had not already passed console certification. At the time, Gun Media said developing new content for the game was "unfeasible now or in the future".

"Yes it was a new game mode," Keltner revealed. "Kinda similar to Among Us. Everyone spawns as counselors. No Jason. You have to find the Part 5 mask. Then you can become Jason. We discussed forcing the player to have to 'hide' to change back and forth. Perhaps the armoire/closet thing. The player could be killed if in counselor mode. If killed they drop the mask on the ground for the next counselor to pick up and become Part 5. We were building new escapes for this game mode that required 2+ counselors to escape. Like holding open a gate, etc. It had moments of fun, but needed more work." 041b061a72


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