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Tamil Nadigai Neela Padam

Tamil Nadigai Neela Padam

Tamil Nadigai Neela Padam

Tamil Nadigai Neela Padam is a term that refers to a sex scandal involving the Tamil actress Padma and the businessman Pratheep Konar. The scandal came to light in 2008, when Pratheep filed a complaint against Padma, accusing her of extorting Rs. 10 crore from him by threatening to release a video of their intimate moments. Padma, on the other hand, claimed that Pratheep was her lover for three years and wanted to make her his second wife, but she refused. She also alleged that he and his associates assaulted her and tried to kill her. The case went to trial in the Alandur court, where both parties filed petitions for compromise, but the judge rejected them. The case is still pending in the court.

The scandal attracted a lot of media attention and public curiosity, as Padma was a popular model and actress who had acted in several Tamil movies, such as Veerasamy, Thirumagan, and Thiruthani. Pratheep was a wealthy businessman who owned several hotels and resorts in Chennai and other places. The video clip of their sexual encounter was allegedly leaked online and circulated widely, causing embarrassment and outrage to both of them. The scandal also raised questions about the safety and privacy of celebrities and their personal lives.


In this article, we will explore the details of the Tamil Nadigai Neela Padam scandal, the legal proceedings, the reactions of the public and the film industry, and the impact of the scandal on the careers and lives of Padma and Pratheep.

The Details of the Scandal

According to Pratheep's complaint, he met Padma in 2005 at a hotel in Meenambakkam, where she was staying as a guest. He was impressed by her beauty and approached her for friendship. She agreed and they exchanged phone numbers. They soon became close and started meeting frequently at various hotels and resorts. Pratheep claimed that he was unaware of Padma's profession as an actress and model, and believed that she was a divorcee with a daughter.

He alleged that on July 31, 2008, he went to meet Padma at the Star Hotel in Meenambakkam, where she had booked a room. He said that they had consensual sex there, but unknown to him, Padma had recorded their act on her mobile phone. He said that after they finished, she showed him the video clip and demanded Rs. 10 crore from him, threatening to release it to the media if he did not pay. He said that he was shocked and scared by her blackmailing, and agreed to pay her Rs. 50 lakh as an advance. He said that he gave her a cheque for that amount, but it bounced due to insufficient funds.

He said that he then went to the Parangimalai police station to file a complaint against Padma, but the police did not register his complaint properly. Instead, they wrote that he had accused Padma of cheating him by posing as an actress and taking money from him. He said that the police also added false charges of criminal intimidation, assault, and conspiracy against him and his friends Sanjay, Ameerjan, and Chandran, who had accompanied him to the police station.

He said that based on his complaint, the police summoned Padma and her friends to the police station for inquiry. However, instead of arresting them, they let them go after taking their statements. He said that later, he received a call from Padma's friend Sanjay, who threatened him with dire consequences if he did not withdraw his complaint. He said that Sanjay also told him that Padma had given copies of the video clip to several media channels and websites, and they would soon broadcast it.

He said that he was terrified by this threat and decided to approach the court for justice. He filed a petition in the Alandur court on August 13, 2008, seeking action against Padma and her friends for extortion, defamation, violation of privacy, and other offences.

The Legal Proceedings

The Alandur court took cognizance of Pratheep's petition and issued summons to Padma and her friends to appear before it on August 18, 2008. However, they did not turn up on that date, citing various reasons. The court then issued non-bailable warrants against them and directed the police to arrest them and produce them before the court.

The police arrested Padma and her friends on August 19, 2008, from their respective residences in Chennai. They were taken to the Alandur court, where they were remanded to judicial custody. They were lodged in the Puzhal prison, where they applied for bail. The court granted them bail on August 21, 2008, on the condition that they should not leave the city without the court's permission and should cooperate with the investigation.

The police also seized Padma's mobile phone and laptop, which allegedly contained the video clip of her and Pratheep. They sent them to the forensic lab for analysis and verification. The lab report confirmed that the video clip was genuine and had not been tampered with. The police also recovered several other video clips and photos of Padma with different men from her laptop. They said that they would use them as evidence against her in the court.

The trial of the case began in the Alandur court on September 1, 2008, before Judge Ramanathan. Both Padma and Pratheep appeared before the court with their lawyers and filed their respective affidavits. Padma denied Pratheep's allegations and accused him of lying and framing her. She said that Pratheep was her lover for three years and had promised to marry her. She said that he had given her several gifts and money during their relationship, and had also introduced her to his family and friends.

She said that Pratheep was already married and had a son, but he had hidden this fact from her. She said that she came to know about his marital status only in July 2008, when his wife called her and abused her. She said that she was shocked and hurt by his betrayal, and decided to break up with him. She said that she confronted him at the Star Hotel on July 31, 2008, where they had gone to spend some time together. She said that she asked him to explain his lies and cheating, but he became angry and violent. He slapped her and tried to strangle her. He also snatched her mobile phone and laptop, which contained their personal photos and videos.

She said that she managed to escape from him and ran out of the hotel. She said that she then went to the Parangimalai police station to file a complaint against him for assault and attempt to murder. However, she found out that he had already filed a false complaint against her for extortion. She said that the police did not listen to her side of the story, and instead arrested her and her friends on his complaint. She said that Pratheep had fabricated the whole story of blackmailing to defame her and ruin her career.

She said that she had never demanded any money from him, nor threatened to release any video of their intimacy. She said that she had recorded their sexual acts on her mobile phone with his consent, as a proof of their love and commitment. She said that he had also recorded their acts on his mobile phone, which he had deleted later. She said that she had never given any copies of the video clip to anyone, nor uploaded it online. She said that Pratheep or his associates must have leaked it to the media to tarnish her image.

She said that she was innocent and a victim of Pratheep's cruelty and conspiracy. She said that she loved him sincerely and trusted him blindly, but he betrayed her and tried to kill her. She said that he had ruined her life and career, and caused her immense pain and humiliation. She said that she wanted justice from the court, and requested it to punish him severely for his crimes.

The Reactions of the Public and the Film Industry

The Tamil Nadigai Neela Padam scandal created a huge sensation among the public and the film industry. The video clip of Padma and Pratheep's sexual act became viral on the internet, as many people downloaded it and watched it out of curiosity or voyeurism. The scandal also sparked a lot of debate and discussion on various forums, blogs, social media platforms, TV channels, newspapers, magazines, etc.

Some people sympathized with Padma and supported her, saying that she was a victim of Pratheep's deception and violence. They said that Pratheep was a cunning and ruthless man who exploited Padma's love and trust for his own benefit. They said that he had no right to cheat on his wife or abuse Padma. They said that he deserved to be punished by the law for his crimes.

Some people criticized Padma and blamed her, saying that she was a greedy and immoral woman who seduced Pratheep for money and fame. They said that Padma was a cheap and vulgar actress who had no talent or dignity. They said that she had no respect for herself or her profession. They said that she had tarnished the image of the Tamil film industry and the Tamil culture. They said that she deserved to be shamed and boycotted by the public and the film industry.

Some people were indifferent or neutral about the scandal, saying that it was a personal matter between Padma and Pratheep, and they had no right to judge or interfere in their lives. They said that both of them were adults and had their own choices and consequences. They said that the scandal was a result of their own actions and decisions, and they had to face the legal and social repercussions. They said that the scandal was not a big deal, and there were more important issues to focus on.

The film industry also had mixed reactions to the scandal. Some of Padma's co-stars and colleagues came out in her support, saying that she was


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