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34 : Wendy Vs. Aquarius: Let's Have Fun In The ... _BEST_

Landmark owns the Guild and the Aquarius.The Palo Alto Square is owned by Cinemark.I am not sure what or if there is any relationship between the two companies.The Guild ought to be shut down for all kinds of deficiencies, bathroom, seating,parking, decor, snacks etc, ... it is terrible and I refuse to go there any longer.Maybe Landmark could move the Guild to the Palo Alto Square?That would a trade worth making, good for everyone.Though I hope the email protests and petition might have created some doubtswith Cinemark about closing the Palo Alto Square, I doubt that going to the PaloAlto Square in the next few days is going to do anything for their numbers, butNOT going to the Guild might provoke some action about acquiring a newer bettervenue.I'd say let's NOT go to the Guild in protest and see if we can get them toexpand and move to the Palo Alto Square, and maybe get the City to chip inon a one time basis for any upgrades to the building itself?Target Landmark to make a move of the Guild to the Palo Alto Square and expand!

34 : Wendy vs. Aquarius: Let's Have Fun in the ...




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